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2014-12-09 11:55 am

Writing stuff :3

Here's a link to the summaries of my books. Enjoy!

Little Side Note: These summaries are ones I wrote a while back so they might not accurate.
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2014-12-09 11:47 am


Well, it has certainly been a while!
I haven't known what to post so that's why I have been on. I'm starting to get ideas of what to post (Thanks, Serena.)
I'm going to start posting about the books I'm writing/working on/planning. Namely these two series I'm working on called Bravelings and The Yellow Eyes Series. So be expecting posts about those! Okay~? ^_-

Note: The Yellow Eyes Series will be posted on Wattpad. I'll post the link for my profile soon.
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2014-10-28 12:02 pm

First post!

Hello, everyone! I'm new here (my friend introduced me to this website) so hello.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brooklynn (I have other names you may call me but I will list those later.)
I'm an aspiring writer and I'm currently writing two books (one of which I'm working on more than the other and will talk about the most.)
I enjoy reading (i can read pretty fast) and other activities I will list later.